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Craniosacral Therapy Adelaide

"I am a professional tennis player, having competed at Wimbledon, the French Open and many other venues over the past 14 years. I've suffered from numerous unexplained injuries in the past and have had 5 surgeries, 3 stress fractures and tendonitis an uncountable number of times. It was really frustrating for me having the ability to compete with top players, but never able to keep myself healthy long enough to maintain and improve what I believe is my potential. About 4 years ago I first was made aware of chiropractic that includes Applied Kinesiology. I realized that it's not just the physical stress of everyday training that causes injury but can also be other factors. I also learned that my spinal cord sends messages to the joints, muscles and tendons, and if it is not firing at 100%, these areas become weak and cause injuries. Weaknesses can be identified with kinesiology and chiropractic and can be corrected, preventing a lot of problems before they even get started. Nutrition is another element that is important. I have learned which foods cause my system to shut down, making me feel fatigued and irritated, and which ones help me. Competing with the best I need to feel as close to a 100% as I can all the time. I have been working with Dr. Aaron for the past 4 months, since I have been using San Francisco as a base. He has helped me not only to stay healthy, but also in finding new ways to increase my strength, physically, emotionally and mentally. We have created an individual nutritional program, for the nutrients my body needs specifically to keep my energy levels up as well as keep my weight consistent. I would strongly recommend Dr. Aaron to any serious professional athlete, since he has a very good understanding of the level of well being an athlete needs to perform at their best." Regards, Surina De Beer


"With the kindest of intentions, Dr. Michael Aaron has changed my life in only a matter of months. I showed up at his office with a list of ailments that traditional medicine hadn't helped, I look forward to rising each day knowing there will be little or no heartburn, weight gain, back pain, or hip pain. Dr. Aaron's recommendations about Nutrition and his Applied Kinesiology techniques have taken me down a path to a healthier life. I've continued to lose a safe 1.5-2lbs/wk., my aches and pains have pretty much disappeared, and his Cranial Sacral and NET work have awakened me to old traumas in my past of which I'm working on letting go.

After hearing about the Craniosacral Therapy classes he teaches, I attended Level 1 and Level 2, with the plan to also attend Level 3. These courses have shown me that traumas, both emotional and physical, can be released, thereby causing a release of tension. This, in turn, can allow the body's natural healing ability to kick in and take over. Anyway, it's clear, even in traditional medicine, that optimum health requires the body's systems to be in balance. With his caring touch and his intuitive nature, Dr. Aaron can give you the chance to experience positive changes throughout the body, including the spirit. I recommend Dr. Aaron to anyone who has failed to find answers to problems that other doctors have not been able to address." - Chris S.


"I have three words to describe the experience of receiving chiropractic care by Dr. Aaron...peace of mind. I walk into the office knowing that my health problems will be resolved and for the last five years there hasn't been a time when Dr. Aaron could not fix the problem. He has a very thorough understanding of the human body, the science of chiropractic care and a very accurate idea of how to solve the case. From the moment I step into the office, there is a serene and calming atmosphere. Dr. Aaron has such a pleasant and reassuring presence that I instinctively know I'm in good hands. His technique is extremely effective yet so gentle that I can hardly feel my back went through so many adjustments. I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Aaron for being the first to diagnose a potentially dangerous tumor way before I could even feel any symptoms. With his intuition and muscle testing we found out something was wrong, and sure enough further examinations revealed a massive tumor. We caught it at a very early stage and for that I owe everything to Dr. Aaron. My sincere thanks to you for saving my life. I even received care through my pregnancy and it really helped my back deal with the tremendous strain on it. I even plan to bring my baby for a check-up. I highly recommend and encourage everyone I know to receive chiropractic care with Dr. Aaron...not just to relieve pain, but for holistic wellness. Thank you Dr. Aaron and God bless" - Kalpita A.

"I visited Dr. Aaron because of back pain. Within a few visits my pain was gone. Also I had problems with my foot, lower leg and I got headaches too often. He suggested changes in my diet, and it worked miracles. I am able to breath better without nasal congestion and the frequency of my headaches has come down a lot! He is very intuitive! I highly recommend him!" - V.T.

"I was experiencing severe back pain for three months and chronic back tightness for three years. The pain even kept me in bed for a few days. I had tried using heating pads, Bengay and tai chi without any improvement. After beginning treatment, I no longer experienced the pain, and now only occasionally feel tightness in my back. I also sleep better and feel less strain in my neck. I learned to relax my muscles more and I also feel more energetic. Dr. Aaron uses muscle testing to accurately evaluate your physical, mental/emotional and biochemical aspects of health." - William H


"I have had the good fortune of finding Dr. Aaron several years ago and have been extremely delighted with his service and skills. I have taken my young child, wife and myself to him, and he as been able to address my most urgent and critical issues. His combination of structural, nutritional and emotional diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are super, and are my first choice for referrals and support work." - G.J.


"I was looking for a chiropractor I could go for regular "tune-up" adjustments. I find that in my every day work, commute, exercise, days off, etc. that I can easily get soreness and pains that a competent chiropractor can alleviate. I visited numerous chiropractors in the past and have had many bad experiences which made me very cautious in finding a new one. I visited chiropractors that did not consider where I was out of line but just did an overall cracking of everything, causing great back pain. I also visited one who seemed to be in the dark ages, using his fist to adjust my neck. I also visited one who, although a good doctor, harassed me endlessly about pre-paying for visits. At Dr. Aaron's, refreshingly, not only did I not encounter any of the above issues, but was pleased to find that he is an excellent chiropractor, and he has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and allergic reactions that have been incredibly helpful. Dr. Michael Aaron is the best chiropractor I have ever frequented, and I find regular visits to his office essential for my good health and piece of mind. Sometimes I may not mention exactly where I'm having pain, but the muscle testing Dr. Aaron uses can find exactly where the problem is without any input from me. It's quite remarkable. He is also very gentle. I feel I can rely on Dr. Aaron to alleviate any bone related pain I have as well as keeping my body in tune and feeling good and free moving. I have consulted him on digestive issues and allergic reactions, and he has always been able to provide the resolution to the issue that will get me back to feeling fine. I also feel assured that he is there to help me because I have made emergency appointments where he made himself available on very little notice." - R.F.

"Dr Aaron listens and really does care. He wants you to get well and feel better and it truly shows. Not only have I had chiropractic and craniosacral work, he has also done NeuroEmotional Technique and tested me for the supplements that I need. I feel better now and have a better idea how to take care of my body. I always look forward to my appointments with him, because I know I will feel better when I leave." - M.S.


"I was referred to Dr. Aaron by my husband. Having been treated with chiropractic most of his life, he believed that I could benefit from Dr. Aaron's care. As a registered nurse and follower of "Western" medicine, I was very skeptical at first. The treatments and adjustments seemed too simple. I wasn't sold on the impact of nutrition on total wellness, and resisted the dietary modifications. Then I came to the conclusion that I really needed to give it a fair trial and see what happened. After only a few treatments and some changes in my diet, I realized that I was feeling better than I had ever felt before. My energy level was much higher, I rarely had headaches anymore (I used to have one or two every week or so), and I felt happier. Within a few months I was able to stop taking my anti-depressant medication, which I had been taking on and off for 9 years. I have not taken any medications for anxiety or depression in a year and a half, and do not foresee the need to take them ever again. I had also been taking a low-dose antibiotic every day for acne. With the improvement in my nutrition, my skin is much clearer and the antibiotic is no longer necessary. Because of the results that I have seen firsthand with Dr Aaron's chiropractic care, I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is suffering or struggling with any medical or emotional problem. There are many avenues to explore when one is seeking effective health care. Based on my experiences with chiropractic, I feel that this route uncovers the underlying problem. Once that is corrected, true wellness can only follow." - Christine


“A friend in the east bay told me craniosacral therapy had given her great relief from her migraines. So, in search of relief from joint pain, I looked for a peninsula practitioner and found Dr. Aaron. Based on his extensive website and positive reviews from patients and students, I gave him a try. After one treatment, I felt much better--in both my joints and my psyche. It's hard to explain, but it works. In spite of the fact that insurance doesn't cover this, I signed up for a series of six treatments. 

Craniosacral actually treats your entire body, so everything feels good after a treatment. And those feelings last. Dr. A. has been providing this service for many years. He teaches classes, and has trained many practitioners. He really knows his stuff.” – L.H.


"The first time here, I had a foot problem. After my first session with Dr. Aaron, the pain was completely gone. I feel his work definitely keeps my body in balance and the craniosacral sessions keep my body, mind and spirit in balance. I know Dr. Aaron is truly interested and sensitive to my well-being. I feel at peace within due to his insightfulness toward my well-being, which helps me function in the world and allow the changes in my life to occur." - S.C.

"After several years of back pain due to sports injuries and allergy related asthma, I decided to try Chiropractic. Shortly into the course of care, I not only had relief from back pain, but obtained considerable relief from my asthma. Spinal nerves relating to my respiratory tract were in one of the areas of my greatest back discomfort. I was able to completely taper off my asthma medication. I am very pleased with the results of my care. Thank you." - P.D.

"Dr. Aaron has helped me and my family tremendously with a variety of problems we were having. I have noticed definite improvement with my posture, elimination of my back pain that I have experienced since 1977, and a loss of 25 pounds after following his recommendations from my nutritional evaluation. The daily headaches and pain that my daughter was experiencing have virtually disappeared and her posture also has dramatically improved." - Dr Joe Cuny, DDS

"I used to be so tired, dragging myself out of bed, to work and then home with little energy to even cook myself a meal. I thought I knew about nutrition. I had been a Weight Watcher for years. Dr. Aaron tested me for my body's specific nutritional needs. He taught me how to eat properly and gave me nutritional supplements for my body's needs. Now I wake up refreshed and ride my bicycle to work with plenty of energy to spare." - S.M.

"For the past year, I had been suffering from constant TMJ, face and tooth pain, headaches, and also I had been severely grinding my teeth. I tried medication and a bite guard without success. After three craniosacral sessions with Dr. Aaron, all my symptoms have disappeared. I am no longer taking medications, which is great." -C.H.

"Before coming to Dr. Aaron's office, I was experiencing continuous headaches and neck pain. This had occured numerous times over the past three years. I had sought out help from many medical doctors including a neurologist. I was always given strong pain medication and told it must be stress related. After experiencing two migraine headaches and continuous headaches for a period of two months straight, I called Dr. Aaron. After two sessions, I was headache free and felt better than I had in months. I highly recommend chiropractic for everyone." - K.H.

"I have been very skeptical of chiropractors in the past, but decided to try once more to see if something could help my back and neck problems, and leg numbness when I walked. My family doctor and a couple of others that I sought treatment from told me it was old age and nothing serious and I should learn to live with it. After two months with Dr. Aaron, I feel great. I'm not stiff anymore and I can turn my head either way without pain. I can sleep in past 8:00am and not have a backache when I get up. My jaw now closes like it should. My dentist said nothing could be done except recapping all of my teeth, so I learned to live with it. I always bit the inside of my cheek but now it closes properly and I do not bite myself anymore. And regarding the tension from all the stress of living and working, I now smile and enjoy life more. Thanks Dr. Aaron." - M.C.

"What happened with you was truly a shift for me on many levels. I keep revisiting it, and trying to make some sense out of it, there were so many things happening all at the same time. When I initially got hit in the shoulder my instinct was to go hide, to get away as fast as I could. I was in so much pain I couldn't talk; when I was asked what was wrong all I could barely do was point to my shoulder. I didn't want to move my shoulder at all, I was terrified of it actually.
When you came along with your gentleness and your intuition, your ability to listen to what was going on with my body, before you even touched me, you made me feel that I could trust you. Then when you started to help me find the movement my head needed to make I went through places of ease, pain, emotions of all kinds, places of nothingness, places of everything, and in a certain place I would have the shock - a flashback - of getting hit. I believe this was the position my head was actually in when I got hit, and each time I came to this place the energy around it would lessen. When that waned is when you gave my head over to Nora and you had me bring my attention to my shoulder (which was terrifying). So with my shoulder I was feeling the same patterns as my head, and some times the path was smooth and slow or smooth and faster and sometimes it was like there were little stops all in a row, it was as if these places were clearing themselves of stuck trauma and creating a healthy pathway. Most of the time I felt like I couldn't hold up any of the weight of my arm but yet you were right there with me in where it needed and wanted to go. The pauses felt like a time where everything settled to a new place and more could happen on another level. When I got hit I knew that it would be really bad for a few months and unusable for at least a week and even after all the work on it, I believed that in the morning I would be very sore, if not then in 24 hours for sure. I put some arnica oil on it before I went to bed and decided not to ice it, in the morning I felt no pain and greater freedom than I had had and this continued all day. I was again amazed because I believed that it would feel really sore and it didn't." - Blessings to you, K'Lea

"Thanks for helping me break through and communicate. I don't feel so left out and it's easier to relax. Life is more fun." - R.G.


"I discovered Dr. Aaron one day while shopping at Whole Foods Market. I was doing the weekly groceries with my autistic five-year old son when we passed the message board. The words "craniosacral therapy" caught my attention. As a parent of an autistic child, I was always looking for new treatments and therapies that could help my son. I heard that craniosacral therapy could help. When I called to make an appointment for Jonathan, I also made one for myself. I had been on a downward health spiral for years with chronic back pain, allergies, insomnia and breathing difficulties. I was struck by the simplicity and intimacy of Dr. Aaron's office; he greeted us personally. Dr. Aaron appeared kind, gentle and intuitive. After requesting me to fill out a short questionnaire, he led us to a treatment room for an initial exam. I was apprehensive at first about Jonathan?s cooperation, but there was no need to worry; Dr. Aaron has a natural ability with children and he had Jonathan up on the exam table in no time. Dr. Aaron tested Jonathan for allergies and heavy metal toxicity during this first visit. He also did craniosacral work, cradling Jonathan's head and applying the gentlest of pressure here and there. It was the least dramatic form of body work I've ever witnessed and I must admit at first I doubted it could accomplish anything. When I went for my appointment it was much the same with the addition of several adjustments in my back. Dr. Aaron told me I was sensitive to wheat and to eliminate it from my diet. He also put me on adrenal supplements. The next few visits were similar to the first, though they were pleasant and relaxing and it felt good to be held by such competent hands. A few appointments later a "miracle" happened. I woke up after having slept through the night with no pain. The back pain and the dull throbbing headache were gone. I was also able to take deep breaths again. It took a while longer to see results with Jonathan, but after 2 months of craniosacral work he is showing improved balance, coordination and cognition. Dr. Aaron teaches us that health is not just a physical journey, but also a mental and spiritual one as well. Thank you for being the incredible healer and teacher that you are." - T.L.

Please Note:  This includes reference to chiropractic and craniosacral delivered while practicing in the United States. Michael Aaron is retired from practicing chiropractic and does not offer it in Australia.

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