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Hi, I am Michael Aaron, director of Stillpoint Healthcare. I've practiced integrative health care over 40 years as a craniosacral practitioner and with other modalities in Italy, the United States and Australia. I'm also director of Craniosacral Institute Australia, an innovative school offering training in craniosacral work and trauma release, and I've  led Craniosacral seminars to many thousands of health professionals since 1995.

I've been providing craniosacral therapy in Adelaide and the hills for the past 11 years. My focus in practice is on the release of long-standing trauma and stress, including PTSD and jaw issues, utilizing a holistic approach. More...

It's natural to want certainty in our lives...too much uncertainty brings with it stress and anxiety. The best thing you can do for your health right now is to stay focused on what is within your control – your attitude, actions, reactions, breath, posture and words. Let go of trying to control the circumstances outside of your control; find small things that you can do each day that are within your control to reduce stress and anxiety.

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"Dr. Aaron, meeting you has been a true pleasure and gift in my life. After 3 and a half years of intolerable pain in my neck, shoulder and arm on the left side, dozens of doctors, techniques and theories, I finally have you to thank for bringing me back home to a life of comfort and joy. Along my journey back to health, I've tried just about everything under the moon aside from surgery to find resolve and more than not, found only treatments to subdue the pain, not correct the balance within. Cranial Sacral work was new to me before meeting you, and I now can't say enough how important this was and is in the restoration of my health. In just a month's time of seeing you, I'm living with complete peace and freedom of movement. This, along with your sensitive and intuitive knowledge in nutritional balance has been the grace to my well being. I'm so glad I found you! Thank you so much." Jeri G.

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